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Meet Rebecca Kuhl, 2021 Lancaster County PA Teen Miss Agriculture USA!

Miss Agriculture USA Queens are so diverse but what binds them all together is their passion for agriculture. Get to know our 2020 Pennsylvania Teen Miss Agriculture USA and 2021 Lancaster County PA Teen Miss Agriculture USA, Rebecca Kuhl!

Name: Rebecca Kuhl

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

What are your agricultural interests?

“Equine science, 4-H, Rabbits and Gardening.”

What agriculture organizations or activities are you a part of?


What are some of your other activities outside of agriculture?

“I have been a part of girl scouts for 9 years, I'm a volunteer jr firefighter, volunteering at a camp and working with the animals there.”

What success are you most proud of?

“My Smitty Aaward from camp cadet of Lancaster County from 2017 with is given to the cadet who shows the ideals of the program.”

What or who first got you interested in agriculture?

“My older brother and grandfather. My brother did High School rodeo when I was growing up so almost every weekend from age 3 to 8 I was at the rodeo. Being there I found my love for horses. My grandfather has a garden that I have been helping with since I can remember. Both of these things started my love for agriculture.”

Why did you decide to become a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“I wanted to educate myself while educating others. I don't live on a farm so I get my agriculture information from things like school, books,4-H and now my sister queens.”

What has been your favorite experience as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Definitely the 2020 Pennsylvania state pageant and the national pageant. I had an absolute amazing time at both meeting my sister queens and learning about different parts of agriculture.”

What are some of your goals as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Once the pandemic is over, I want to go to my class rooms and talk to students about agriculture. I also want to go to more fairs and livestock shows.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about being a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Do it! It is an amazing experience and you make amazing friends that last a lifetime.”

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