Women In Ag

Women in Ag

The world of farming, cattle-raising and agriculture isn’t just a fellow named Farmer Bob in Mantua OH standing with a pitchfork and overalls next to an old tractor. Women have been instrumental in running farms, leading advancements in agricultural chemistry, managing vineyard operations and wineries, and raising/producing/auctioning cattle as well as anyone else. They have also been leaders in agricultural advocacy, repeatedly educating and improving general awareness of agriculture and how important it is for America at large. The Miss Agriculture program, a new advocacy effort in boosting the overall support of agriculture, celebrates the role of women, from children to young ladies, marketing for their industry and communities. By becoming public figures and leaders for the values of agriculture, contestants and winners take on the charge of helping garner support for agricultural markets, expansion, growth, market protection and trade, all key elements of agricultural success. Support women in Ag and the Miss Agriculture program. Everyone benefits from the advantages.