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2019 National Miss Agriculture USA Queens

Official Miss Agriculture USA Queen Photographs on this page by Kirk Neidermyer Photography LLC


Brynlee Henry 

2019 National Future Little Miss Agriculture USA

I became a Miss Agriculture USA queen so I could be a Agvocate for all this Agriculture and to help the new generations of young people understand the importance of the future of agriculture.


Mikayla Hagerty

2019 National Miss Agriculture USA

I joined Miss Agriculture USA because something inside of me told me that I could do more to promote and represent the agriculture industry after my time as county fair queen ended!  The crowns on our heads are a conversation starter to give a voice to this incredible industry by being a tool to draw the public back to being interested in the agriculture industry! I think that advocating for the industry in this way is also a great tool to help bust misconceptions about the industry and show that agriculture is something to be celebrated and is beautiful.


Mariah Messink

2019 National Ms Agriculture USA

I joined the Miss Agriculture USA organization to find my confidence and strength again through my passion for the agriculture industry.

Through my passion for the agriculture industry I was able to speak with conviction, smile with joy, and stand fearlessly with a program full of staff and queens that lifted me up and loved unconditionally. For that I am forever thankful.

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