2021 Miss Agriculture USA Queens

Arianna Davis

2020 North Carolina Future Little Miss Agriculture USA

I wanted to be an Agriculture Queen because I wanted to show that no matter how little you are, you can make a difference and you can be an advocate in anything you believe in! I have a love for farm animals and for growing things.

Amber Paquette

2020 New York Miss Agriculture USA

I became Miss Agriculture USA to show there is more to agriculture than just the animals at fairs. Agriculture is such a unique industry and one I value very much. It takes hard work, dedication, and an open mind to work on a farm!
Between working on a dairy and studying agricultural business I love to learn as much as I can and keep agriculture growing!

Lisa Luitjens

2020 Iowa Little Miss Agriculture USA

I became a Miss Agriculture USA queen because I wanted to teach other kids my age about agriculture, like where our food comes from. But what I could have never imagined was how much this organization is like family. My other sister queens will be friends for life.

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