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2020 Pennsylvania Miss Agriculture USA Queens


Rebecca Kuhl

2020 Lancaster County Teen Miss Agriculture USA

I became a Miss Agriculture USA Queen because so many different reasons. I wanted to expand my agriculture knowledge and with sister queens willing to teach me I cannot begin to tell you how much I've learned. I also wanted to show people you don't have to live on a Farm to have a love of agriculture. I may not live on a farm but I will forever have a love for agriculture. But most importantly I joined it for the memories, friends, and confidence I would gain. And being able to do this with my niece and sister in law makes it so much more fun.


Abigail Yenchik

2020 Greene County Petite Miss Agriculture USA

I became a Miss Agriculture USA Queen to bring awareness to my generation about where their food comes from. I was at school one day and had a fellow student try to tell me that hamburgers are made of ham! Not cow! And a lot of my classmates didn't know that produce is grown on farms, not in a warehouse! I have learned so much on this journey and met so many wonderful people! I'm growing in my knowledge of agriculture, even joining 4-H this year. I LOVE being a part of Miss Agriculture USA!


Laren Williamson

2020 Armstrong County Miss Agriculture USA

I choose to become a queen so I could help educate others on the integral role agriculture holds in our lives. All too often it seems that people forget that Pennsylvania’s history is filled with generations of farming. I wish to change others’ perspectives on the industry and help create a positive future for Ag! I can’t wait to see what an impact we can have!

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