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2020 Ohio Miss Agriculture USA Queens


Kaitlyn Taylor

2020 Adams County Miss Agriculture USA

I became Miss Agriculture because I’ve always had a passion for agriculture. My 10 years in 4-H has taught me many things and helped me develop the love for agriculture. I always attended not only my county fair but many others around. I have became a mentor to those who show beef cattle, for I have shown beef cattle for many years. I am over joyed to represent Adams County, Ohio and to be one of the faces of agriculture.


CeCelia Von Stein

2020 Crawford County Ms Agriculture USA

I wanted to become an AGvocate to be able to spread news about agriculture to people who don’t know what it truly is. I want to inform people about the truth behind agriculture and why we need it. I want to spread my passion for something that I truly love. Agriculture has shaped me into the person I am today, I’ve grown up on a 600 acre farm and it has taught me what AG is and what it defines. I want other people to be able to see AG the way I see it.


RaeAnne Kehres

2020 Erie County Junior Miss Agriculture USA

I joined Miss Agriculture USA to teach younger generations like my bothers, where our food comes from and that agriculture is more than just living on a farm.

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