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Meet Dani Shapiro, 2021 Connecticut Mrs. Agriculture USA

Miss Agriculture USA Queens are so diverse but what binds them all together is their passion for agriculture. Get to know our 2021 Connecticut Mrs. Agriculture USAand 2020 Connecticut Ms Agriculture USA, Dani Shapiro!

Name: Dani Shapiro

Hometown: Torrington, CT

What are your agricultural interests?

“Gardening, vegetable production, agritourism are my top three interests! I love collaborating with and learning from others and enjoy visiting large scale vegetable farms.”

What agriculture organizations or activities are you a part of?

“I am a current Grange member and former FFA member. Our Grange chapter hosts “seed swaps” where anyone can bring seeds to share with other gardeners.”

What are some of your other activities outside of agriculture?

“I love reading and going on hikes with my husband!”

What success are you most proud of?

“Earning my Master’s degree in nursing is my biggest accomplishment in life. I’m going back to school one more time for my doctoral degree!”

What or who first got you interested in agriculture?

“My grandfather had a small orchard in Vermont when I was growing up. I loved spending time in the field with him, and because of how much I loved it, he encouraged me to join FFA.”

Why did you decide to become a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and do something completely different that I’d never done before. The idea of being an AGvocate interested me, so I decided to give it a try!”

What has been your favorite experience as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Getting to travel to Ohio for 2020 Miss Agriculture USA nationals. It was so nice to finally meet my sister queens in person!”

What are some of your goals as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“My main goal is to visit an agricultural business or event in every single town in Connecticut- currently I’ve visited 21 but there are over 100 towns to go!”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about being a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Take the leap and become a queen! No amount of ag experience is too big or too small- all you need is a passion for ag.”

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