Meet Lillianna Yates, 2021 Delaware County PA Petite Miss Agriculture USA!

Miss Agriculture USA Queens are so diverse but what binds them all together is their passion for agriculture. Get to know our 2021 Delaware County PA Petite Miss Agriculture USA, Lillianna Yates!

Name: Lillianna Yates

Hometown: Unionvile, PA

What are your agricultural interests?

“My agricultural interests are sewing, my pet chickens I helped buy about 7 years ago and learn all about to raise them. Also, my family has a farm in the area and this year we became aware of how hard it is to find land with all the excessive building, so we have started a letter writing campaign to save local farms.”

What agriculture organizations or activities are you a part of?


What are some of your other activities outside of agriculture?

“Piano playing since I was 4.”

What success are you most proud of?

“My continental math award and pageantry.”

What or who first got you interested in agriculture?

“My great grandmother and mommy.”

Why did you decide to become a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“I love learning about agriculture.”

What has been your favorite experience as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Getting the community involved and most importantly enjoying being with my sister queens to save a farmland in our area from being built.”

What are some of your goals as a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Hoping to get the state farm show to keep some of the virtual opportunities and 4-H virtual opportunities open for years to come because I see how important to me to be able to participate in things I never would be able to if I couldn't travel in a regular year without COVID-19.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about being a Miss Agriculture USA Queen?

“Have fun! You'll love it!”

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