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My Excitement for the Upcoming Miss Agriculture USA Competition

My Excitement for the Upcoming Miss Agriculture USA Competition

The Pennsylvania Miss Agriculture USA Competition is just under three weeks away and I am getting extremely excited. Last year, when I participated in the PA competition for Miss Ag, I was nervous. I had never competed in a pageant before and I had no idea what to expect. I went to competition, a little bit unwillingly, but I gave it a good shot. Definitely not my best shot because of my reluctant-ness to be there, but I didn’t do poorly. I actually ended up placing third in interview and second in speech. Everyone at competition was so nice and caring and the girls were all absolutely amazing. After it was all said and done, I was really excited to have gone.

This year, however, is different and I’m really excited to go to competition. I’m working really hard so that I can do my best the day of and I’m so excited to see all the girls who attended last year and have come back and to meet the new queens. Now that I know what to expect, I’m hoping to be a little more confident in myself and I hope to be able to start conversations and make some really amazing friends.

At competition there are two areas of competition which you send in early, and there are six areas of competition you do the day of. Photogenic and Essay are sent in early. These areas include sending in a headshot and sending in an essay typed to a prompt released after signups close. The areas of competition on the day of competition are, in my opinion, the exciting ones! These areas include interview, introduction, ag wear, speech, formal wear, and impromptu question. Each of these areas allows you to express yourself uniquely and share your passion for promoting agriculture.

Interview is just like any other interview, you are asked a few questions by a judge and expected to be professional. Introduction is a short 60-second on stage spiel given to tell the judges who you are. Ag Wear is a super fun part of competition where you come up with a costume to represent an agriculture commodity in your state. Speech is a two- to four-minute memorized speech about what agriculture means to you. This is the perfect opportunity to share why you love agriculture so much. Formal wear is pretty self-explanatory as it is where you get dressed up fancy and show your confidence. Impromptu question is an on-stage chosen question that you have to answer quickly. It is usually agriculture related.

Now that I know what to expect this year, I am geared up and excited for competition! I cannot wait to see all of my Pennsylvania sister queens and find out who are the 2020 division queens! No matter what happens, we are all winners, and personally, that is my favorite part about this organization!

Lots of love,

Your 2020 Snyder County Miss Agriculture USA, Stephanie Clouser

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